Lars Larson on X-Prostitute Teachers

Lars Larson NW Reports:

Why in the world are we thinking about letting former prostitutes become classroom teachers in Oregon?

The idea is one of the dumbest ones to come down the pike in a long time. It is why I can imagine that folks in the State Legislature are actually embarrassed that I criticize them for coming up with the idea of letting former prostitutes become classroom teachers. People have even emailed me saying “Lars, why would they even consider this?”

Well, Sen. Margaret Carter came up with the idea as I understand it. All I can think of is that maybe she has an acquaintance who used to be a prostitute who now wants to be a teacher, and who thinks it is unfair that when we do criminal background checks that maybe its because we don’t want those ladies in the classroom

Well, I have just have three words to explain in just part of why I don’t want former hookers in the classrooms teaching kids.

“Mary Kay LeTourneau”

Remember the teacher who raped one of her students twice, once after going to prison? Reason enough for me.