A Message from Oregon Right to Life about the Governor’s Race

By Lois Anderson

There should be no confusion – only one candidate for governor is pro-life – Christine Drazan. She is the only candidate who will push back against Oregon’s growing reputation as an abortion tourism hot spot.

Just in case you need a review, former Speaker of the House Tina Kotek is proudly pro-abortion. Kotek led the expansion of abortion on demand for any reason for all nine months of pregnancy into every nook and cranny of Oregon’s government.

Former Democratic State Senator Betsy Johnson also supports these radical policies – just take a look at her voting record – it’s the same as Tina Kotek. This includes refusing to support a bill (SB 586, 2021) that would provide protection for infants born alive during abortion procedures.

Any day now the Supreme Court will hand down a decision likely to overturn Roe v. Wade and return the regulation of abortion to our state legislature and Governor. It will open up opportunities for us to protect unborn babies and their mothers and to push back the radical pro-abortion policies. But only if we make voting pro-life a priority in November.

No Oregonian who cares about protecting unborn lives should vote for Tina Kotek or Betsy Johnson.  They are two bad peas in the same pod.

Lois Anderson is the Executive Director of Oregon Right to Life.