Legislative Panel Reviews Legislature

Legislative Panel Reviews Legislature
Executive Club Speaker Series
Wed. June 6th
6:00pm Shilo Inn PDX Airport

For the first time since the great Republican victories of 1994, all three branches of Oregon government are again under Democrat rule. Last November, when Oregon’s “independent” voters put Democrats in charge, the dam holding back the desires of the liberals, broke. Ever since the legislature convened, the capitol has been awash in a flood of bills pushed by the unions and the loony left. Day after day, we witness the introduction of big taxes, big regulations and unceasing attacks on the laws citizens adopted at the ballot box, as well as legislative efforts to cripple the citizens’ power of initiative, referendum and recall.

With so much at stake, we must be alert, informed and activated as never before. Our June meeting is the perfect fit, as it will feature five veterans of the current capitol combat zone, legislators embedded in the current Republican minority

Appearing before the Executive Club for the first time will be Gene Whisnant, a retired Air Forces Colonel who settled in Sunriver and has represented Deschutes County in the legislature since 2003. Currently, Gene sits on the Education and Judiciary committees.

We will welcome back Sen. Jeff Kruse, of Roseburg, the excellent veteran legislator who sits on six different committees. Jeff, is no less than past winner of our Taxpayer Watchdog Award for his record on cutting taxes and defending voter rights.

Most will need no introduction to our good friend Larry George from Sherwood. Many know Larry because of his years of work for Oregonians in Action on behalf of citizen property rights. Now, George is serving his first term in the State Senate, where he has become one of the principle fighters for the preservation of Measure 37 as it was originally written. Larry also has the honor of serving in the Senate alongside another stalwart, his father, Sen. Gary George.

Of course, our panel of special presenters would not be complete without our estimable Rep. Linda Flores of Clackamas and Rep. Kim Thatcher of Salem who, in spite of the odds, continue to fight the good fight.
Club member Linda Flores is now in her 3rd term representing District 51 and is on the Health Care and Judiciary Committees and is a stalwart on behalf of Education reform. Linda and Kim, together, have been “go-to” people for illegal immigration reform.

Thatcher, appointed by the Speaker to the House Elections, Ethics and Rules Committee, cast the only NO vote in that committee on the resolution calling for the US to essentially surrender to enemy in Iraq and send the troops home.