Sen. Boquist: New stimulus checks, Kotek’s thorn, more…

By Oregon State Senator Brian Boquist,
Highlights, excerpts from Sen. Boquist newsletter

— Former Rep Diego Hernandez continues to be a thorn in Comrade Tina Kotek’s side.

— In Oregon, soaring gas prices means more money for ODOT.

— 2 years too late: Oregon to send a one-time stimulus check of $600 to some low income families. Where was this money and assistance in 2020 when hundreds of forcefully unemployed Oregonians were begging for funds from an incompetent Employment Department? Ask any legislator and they will tell you about the heart-wrenching phone calls and emails from suffering Oregonians.

— 2020 Portland riots: An Indianapolis man received a 10-year sentence for his role in protests that took a violent turn in Portland, Oregon in 2020. While seeking to harm police officers, this upstanding individual severely burned a fellow rioter by throwing a Molotov cocktail and provided bats for others. “Justice” is being served as it is beneficial for leftists to defend law enforcement and the rule of law for November 2022 outcomes.

— Monkeypox hits Oregon and CDC released a PSA telling people to have relations with their clothes on.

— Congressman Cliff Bentz opposes the gun bills working through Congress.

— Vandals continue to attack pregnancy centers, which exist to provide information to expectant women on their options.

— Oregon’s minimum wage set to increase on July 1. While the purpose of increasing minimum wage is noble, it does not work in practice. With record inflation thanks to the government-forced lockdowns during COVID, life has just gotten much more expensive. Now, Oregon companies will need to further increase prices, or cut jobs all together, to afford to pay people more.

— Oregon is wasting money hiring computer nerds to “crunch data” to lower wildfire risk, when the real secret is to maintain and clear forests to look like the land outside of money-filled Sisters, Oregon.

— From WWeek: “Oregon has weathered the pandemic in relatively good health, according to a new report out June 16 from the Commonwealth Fund, a century-old foundation that advocates for better health care policy.”

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