Taxpayer Association on CNN over Oregon gas tax hike

Taxpayer Association & AFP on CNN over Oregon gas tax hike
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Don McInitre and the Taxpayer Association was featured on CNN on a report on states raising their gas taxes. Not many states were daring to raise taxes in a recession, but Oregon gets the unwanted fame once again.

Below is an excerpt from the CNN article:
“Oregon drivers may get an unpleasant shock when they pull up to the pump in the new year.Drivers there are already paying an average of $3.06 per gallon, but in the new year the state Department of Transportation is hiking the gas tax by 6 cents. That will bring the state tax to 30 cents per gallon.”

“Taxpayers in the rest of the nation, however, can breathe a sign of relief. Oregon’s gas tax increase is one of the few hikes taking place on Jan. 1. …[A]nti-tax advocates are not pleased with the measure.Oregon’s unemployment rate stood at 10.6% in November, the seventh highest in the nation and above the national 9.8% rate. Many people are already suffering from higher property taxes and utility costs, said Jeff Kropf, director of the state chapter of Americans for Prosperity, which advocates for limited government. That means the gas tax could prove a weighty burden. “For the working person, in particular, it will take more money out of their pocket or it will cut their opportunities to get around,” said Don McIntire, president, Taxpayer Association of Oregon.