Bill lets husbands use wife’s name

House Bill 3120 has a small amendment to change marriage licenses to allow men to adopt a wife’s surname. “We are no longer a patriarchal society,” said Sen. Walker to the Oregonian who said the issue was a matter of fairness. Such changes might cost the average man much legal costs to make the change currently.

On a different twist, some lawmakers are opposing the bill because they say there is a provision in the bill that involves the hot topic of domestic partnership.

Once again marriage takes center stage in Salem.

  • John Fairplay

    Well, the “Silly Season” has clearly arrived in Salem. Individuals can change their name under current law to virtually anything they want. There’s no provision in current law preventing a man from taking his wife’s surname as his surname – or her middle name as his surname – or the name of her favorite clown as his surname. Goings-on in Salem this Session have certainly created a lot more well-known clown names from which to choose.

  • Steve Plunk

    John’s point about the “Silly Season” makes me wonder why we would allow annual sessions. Instead of enduring this garbage once every two years we will have sigh and shake our heads every year.

    Couldn’t we file a class action suit against the legislature for violating the constitution by meeting every year? The potential for trouble has doubled for Oregonians.

  • DMF

    Steve, I think that’s a heck of an idea

  • anonymous

    I’m usually the first one to call Walker a barking moonbat, but this actually makes sense. When two people get married, at least one of them usually changes the last name. Why not put it on the same form as the rest of the marriage license? This is actually government streamlining at work.

    Too bad this might be the ONLY thing Vicki Walker will ever do to streamline government.