Greg Walden: $35M to be cut from their own budget

Walden Touts Savings from Cuts to Congress’ Budget
Additional Taxpayer Savings Expected Throughout 112th Congress
By Congressman Greg Walden

Washington, D.C. – Yesterday, House Republicans introduced – and posted online – the text of a resolution to reduce the operating budgets of House committees, leadership offices, and individual member offices. A key recommendation of the House transition team, these five percent budget cuts will save taxpayers an estimated $35 million in the first year alone. Made in order by the House rules package, the resolution is expected to be voted on by the full House on Thursday, January 6th. The majority transition team has encouraged all officers of the House to find ways to save taxpayer money and increase efficiency, and further cost savings are expected to be announced throughout the 112th Congress. Upon introduction of the resolution, Chairman of the Majority Transition Team, and sponsor of the cost cutting measure, Rep. Greg Walden (R-OR) released the following statement.

“In our Pledge to America, Republicans promised to cut spending, and with this measure we are leading by example. While only a first step, these cuts provide real savings for the American people and demonstrate our commitment to ending the culture of spending here in Washington. This $35 million serves as just the first installment of savings produced by the new majority, and our work to provide oversight and ferret out waste here in the House will continue throughout the 112th Congress.”

NOTE: The text of the resolution to be considered Thursday on the House floor can be found here. Below is a breakdown of the projected savings, in FY2011 alone, produced by this measure.

Projected savings in FY 2011:
Leadership offices………………….$1 million
Committees…………………………$8.1 million
Members’ office budgets ……….. $26.1 million
Total …………………………….. $35.2 million

Source: House Appropriations Committee and Chief Administrative Officer of the House