Art mistaken for vandalism gets vandalized

This weird story cannot be missed. It is about what happens to an art project that was basically seven miles of red tape at Southern Oregon University:

“ASHLAND, Ore. (AP) – An art project that was mistaken for vandalism was the target of vandals who destroyed the exhibit last week. The artist, Paul Messenger, said the piece was a commentary on society’s apathy to its problems, but was left for interpretation by the viewer.

The exhibit in the Southern Oregon University art courtyard and art buildings consisted of 36,000 feet of red tape. It was titled “The Depravity of Society Juxtaposed Against the Apathy of Contemporary Culture” and scheduled to be shown through July 2 as a final project in an art course taught by professor Madeline Alt.”

A student who was caught and charged said that she didn’t know it was an art project and she was just picking up trash from what other people had done.