2 Democrat officials report illicit massage incident at business

By Oregon Campaign Watch,

Woodburn Mayor Eric Swenson and chair of the city’s school board Anthony Medina have reported to local law enforcement that they were involved in sexual contact with employees at a local massage business.  Both are separate incidences at the same business.  It is important to note that both officials are the ones who went to police to report the incident by the business employees.

OPB reports, “The men, who serve together on the Woodburn school board, offered similar tales. Both told police they’d gone to The Woodburn Spa for a massage, and were surprised when a staff member initiated erotic contact, according to their police interviews, which OPB obtained through a public records request. Swenson and Medina both said they were caught off guard and left the building.No charges have been filed in the matter. Documents obtained via the state’s public records laws show police arrested and ticketed two people for practicing massage without a license…Swenson surprised many political watchers in June when he abandoned his race for Senate District 11 abruptly, telling supporters he’d decided to seek another term as mayor instead. The Woodburn mayor has stuck by that story, but his connection to the police investigation had been whispered about in political circles ahead of his announcement….Medina, the school board chairman and a policy analyst at the state’s Higher Education Coordinating Commission, went to police first to report inappropriate contact at the massage parlor. In a brief taped interview with a police detective on Feb. 15, Medina identified the woman who’d given him the massage, saying he left after she grabbed him inappropriately. The woman abruptly ended the massage when he declined sexual contact, he said.In that police interview, Medina said he’d explained what happened to Swenson, after running into the mayor in a coffee shop.“I felt like I needed to tell him what happened,” Medina told a detective. “He said, ‘OK, I didn’t know that.’ A few hours later … he gave me a call and said, ‘I have to get something off my chest. The same thing happened to me. The same exact place.’”

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