Poll shows Voters don’t want higher taxes!

From House Republican Press Release 6-5-07: Full presentation/data here:

Oregonians say the Legislature should dedicate OSP funding from existing revenues

SALEM”” House Republicans today released a May 17 Moore Information poll showing growing opposition to tax increases since the beginning of the 2007 session. The poll was released as Democrats continue to push a number of tax increases on individuals and businesses.

In a statewide survey of 500 Oregonians, 72 percent of those surveyed said state government “has the money it needs to fund programs.”

Compared to the January 2007 Moore poll, support for tax increases has dropped seven points to 21 percent, which is beyond the poll’s margin of error. “Oregonians are watching the House Democrats propose big tax increases, and they don’t like what they are seeing,” said House Republican Leader Wayne Scott (R-Canby). “Oregon has over $2.5 billion in additional tax dollars to spend on the next budget. House Republicans are standing with the overwhelming majority of Oregonians who believe government already has enough of their money.”

In addition, the poll shows that 66 percent of Oregonians believe that the Oregon State Police should be funded by existing dollars, compared to 21 percent who believe a new tax should be established. House and Senate Republicans have proposed HB 3535, the bill to dedicate revenue to OSP without raising taxes.

“Oregonians aren’t buying what Democrats are selling; we don’t need a tax increase to restore 24/7 State Police coverage on Oregon’s highways,” Rep. Scott said. “This is another example of how House Democrats are out of touch with Oregonians. They should release HB 3535 and join us in dedicating funding to the OSP Patrol Division.”

  • DeVietro

    Its nice to see that at least most of the people who responded realized that taxes are getting insane here. It however is unfortunate to see the OSP gets penalized for being grouped in with other state agencies. Just yesterday this same blog had an article showing how little money is really spent on state troopers.


    Well, they raised the school budget almost 20%, maybe a 15% raise was in order and the rest put towards OSP. Did anyone on this sight get an almost 20% increase in their operating expenses this year?

  • DMF

    I Sure didn’t, more like a cut. Democrats remind me of kids in a candy store. Doesn’t matter how much they get, they still want more. Oh, well, this must be what the voters want, after all they voted them all in.

  • Jerry

    What kind of fool wants taxes to be raised? I can’t believe there are 28 percent who are so stupid. Why don’t they just send the extra money to Salem themselves if they are so sure the money is needed?
    You know why they won’t – they don’t want THEIR taxes raised – just someone else’s.
    Fools and dandies all.


      Jerry, that 28% are the freeloaders who don’t pay taxes and the illegal aliens who scribbled an x in that block of the poll questionaire.