Quotes on Senate Measure 37 gut

Yesterday the Senate voted to gut Measure 37, below are some of the best quotes talking on it from the Senate Republican Press Release:

“Of the over 1,000 words in Measure 37, almost 900 are gone,You can change terms, deadlines and groups affected, but at the end of the day this is still a repeal of Measure 37.”
Senator Roger Beyer

“Everyone knows, House Bill 3540 is poorly drafted, full of unintended consequences and will lead to years of litigation. In pursuit of the American dream, people spent hundreds of thousands of dollars buying property. Government took away their right to develop, so voters twice gave those rights back. Now they have spent even more money getting approved, only to have government say “˜sorry, do it again.’ When will it stop?”
Senator Larry George

“This is more of the same: another attempt to dismantle Measure 37, which voters have twice approved. With Measure 37, voters fixed a broken land use system. House Bill 3540 just gives them a different kind of broken.”
Ted Ferrioli
Senate Republican Leader



    It’ll be voted down and we’ll revisit this next election so they can “fix” it again……………..boring!

  • Jerry

    These people are pathetic.

  • Dan E.

    The concern I have (beyond my disgust for what our new majority party has cobbled together as a sop to their environmental base) is that our citizens are used to voting YES on M-37 related issues. This coming issue will require a NO vote. I worry that well-intentioned people will continue to vote yes, thinking they are just reasserting their rights as they believe were delivered with M-37. To explain the difference will be expensive and time-consuming campaign. A smart subterfuge campaign from the D’s would be to say “We told those bastards in Salem twice before, and we’ll tell them again! Vote Yes!”