Lars Larson: Portland declares a pot emergency!

By Lars Larson,
NW and national radio host

Breaking news! Portland declares a pot emergency! Commissioners shovel out piles of cash to shore up sinking stores.

Well, that’s the press spin that went out from City Hall as it gifted millions as part of its brand new “Cannabis Emergency Relief Fund”.

What’s the emergency?

Not to harsh your 420 buzz but it doesn’t actually exist if you consider numbers from the state agency that regulates pot…the OLCC.

Two years ago in June, Oregon had 670 pot shops. Last year, that number fired up to more than 750. This year it hit nearly 800.

The Cannabis commission expects 100 new stores this year.

Sounds like the business is “smokin”, if you’ll forgive the pun.

Growers grow so much Sativa that the price has plummeted.

That huge jump in business back when the pandemic kept everyone home, stimulus checks flew into mailboxes, and being unemployed became socially acceptable…those good times are over.

So, City Hall declares an emergency and shovels out the cannabis cash during an election year.

I just wish Mayor Ted and the Choom Gang at City Hall cared as much about every other business…you know, the ones that actually provide essential services.