Lars Larson on Cyberbullying

The Eugene School Board has banned cyber bullying. What does that mean?

Here is what the Eugene School Board says it means. Cyber bullying is any electronic means you send a message that they say is intimidating, harassing, or discriminating.

The School Board has adopted a policy against it. The problem is that if you think about the kind of communication that goes on between boys and other boys in middle school, boys and other girls in middle school, and high school kids of all ages, you would imagine that an awful lot of that kind of that electronic communication is cyber bullying.

Does this mean schools are going to go out and start monitoring every text message that is sent? Will they monitor every phone call that is sent and every email? Are they are going to back and get subpoena powers, maybe wiretapping powers under the patriot act to find out who sent all those messages from anonymous accounts? Can you imagine a greater waste of time that a policy on cyber bullying.

This has been a Lars Larson NW Report.

  • Wayne Brady

    This is just a continuation of the liberal campaign to make us all afraid to say anything because SOMEONE might be offended. They are creating a country of wimps.


    Sounds like that school board was truly bored the day they passed….yawn…..this ban.

  • devietro

    I am tired of school boards creating a super nanny state, and then still complaining that they dont have the money for classes and teachers. It aggravates me to no end.

  • Jerry

    This school board is a perfect example of why amateurs should not be allowed on the playing field.

  • ringding

    Ever had your kid subject to cyber bullying? I have and it is vicious, hurtful and downright scary. Imagine receiving emails and text messages as a vulnerable 7th grader desperate to be liked, to fit in, to not be that kid everybody makes fun of, or bumps in line or dumps her food on the floor. With the advent of technology there are even threats of suicide, refusal to attend school, and suspicious illnesses due to cyber bullying. Cyber bullying can be some of the most gut wrenching, devastating sick stuff you’ll ever read.

    I imagine school computers will be monitored for the address of the sender. I imagine the parents sitting in the principals office asking her to make cyberbullying stop because their child is having a breakdown should just be ignored by the yahoos. No way!

    The gang of cyberbullies in my kids school got hauled into the principal’s office and their parents were summoned to a meeting to read what the little darlings were threatning to do. The principal did not administer discipline. Instead, she looked the parents in the eye and asked them to be better parents after listening to a truck load of excuses.

    Kids need to know cruel behavior is wrong. Our kid attends another school. Maybe the policy would have helped prevent the damage that was done to her.


      Though I would never condone harrassing another person the result of our freedom of speech can be abused at times, more often than not it isn’t.

      Even though that abuse is hurtful, negating the freedom of speech is even more so.

      I wretch when I hear Hilary Clinton or John McCain utter their crap but I’ll die to defend their loser asses right to spred their corrupt message.

      If someone were to harrass me on line…………I’d drop my old e-mail account and get a new one I guess.

  • Jerry

    Ringding might want to restrict her kid’s use of the computer. They are not really that important in the development of a seventh grader.
    Craw has a good idea, too, change the email, quit reading the junk, don’t use the computer, etc., etc.
    Remember notes on actual paper? Those were used in the old days for bullying, too, and somehow we got over it.
    Sadly, the principal’s inaction in this case was bad. Ring should be going to the board with that….if they even care….
    Wake up folks – text messaging, emials, computers in general are really not that big of a deal and for many their lives would be better without them. Especially someone who is only 12 or 13.
    Wake it up – get on the move – act now –

    • Captain_Anon

      You really do need to catch up to the times, Jerry.

      Computers are vital to the middle school/high school age group now. homework is done on line, assignments and schedules are posted on line, even teachers help tutor kids over the internet. then you’ve got the social interation that takes place on line. It really unparalleled to anything you’ve experienced. Today’s generation has a number of distractions that the previous generations never thought of having, let along comprehend. The physical threats carried out in person and on notes in the 1960’s have evolved into the internet, texting, etc. the results of the bullying is much worse than in the generations before it. a child can’t necessarily get away from it. in the past, you could avoid the person, not read the note. now you can’t stop a text from coming on your phone. or an email coming into your inbox. and kids can forward numbers and email addy’s to otehrs to participate. as we’ve seen on the news time and time again, these ‘threats’ often come to fruition. or so severely scar a kid emotionally, they are effed up for the rest of thier lives. this isnt’ about calling a kid four-eyes. this is about threatening to kill them. physically hurt them, trash thier cars, damage thier reputation (which can affect college’s and who they admit – this has been reported on several times how online information has gotten kids denied – both facts, and rumors), and really damage the kids. remember, people get fired for stuff that happens online now. that wasn’t a reality 10 years ago, let along 40 years ago or whenever it was you were in school.

      I agree Crawdude, we don’t want a nanny state. but i think that it is important for schools to have the tools to discipline kids who cyberbully. it is a real and huge problem in our schools. the tenticles of bullying can now invade anyones home very easily, even if someone is a responsible parent or kid trying to avoid it. Unlike the old days, the bully’s can get IN your home via computer and text.

      with emails being so important, you can’t easily change it. that’s like changing your phone number. it’s on the listservs, all thier friends have it, it’s used for banking, correspondance with schools, work, etc.

      and why is lars calling this policy a waste of time? it has useful and needed implications. all the while he’s raising a stink on the legislature giving us MORE freedom and MORE choice with allowing men or women to take on thier husbands/wives last names? he needs to get consistent.

  • Anonymous

    Newsflash for the Eugene School Board:

    Kids tease, taunt and torment each other. Always have. Always will.

  • Jerry

    I have heard all the promises about how great computers are and how much they help students. Sadly, there is not a single shred of evidence that they have done any good. It is like a digital watch – kids today don’t know what you mean when you say traffic at 10 o’clock. They can’t write, read, or do math. How have the computers helped?
    I have not seen it…but I have certainly seen and heard enough to know that the isolation the computer affords is not healthy, nor is the opportunity the computer affords to do everything on line. What ever happened to playing outside? Too many kids are cyber addicts.
    And way too many are not using the computer for meaningful activities and way too many are using them for dangerous, unhealthy activities.

    • Captain_Anon

      the opening line in my previous post was inappropriate, so i apologize for that. i didn’t need to insert the jab.

      I AGREE with you that computers can bring very unhealthy isolation. in fact, in China, they have bootcamps to break kids of the addiction and to help them enter society again. you’ll get no argument that some truely abuse it. much like alcohol.

      However, just because you havent’ felt or seen the benefits that computers bring into kids lives, does not mean they don’t exist. i use it for everthing. work, paying bills, investing, reasearching my investments, where i want to buy property, researching government regulations on said property, seeing what’s on TV, programming my tivo from another state, communicating with my family, friends in australia, understanding certain economic theories and laws, etc etc. IN short, the computer has changed my life by making it easier. i have the ability to learn how to do home improvement without hiring someone. but the communication is the biggest. the social networking amongst my friends and thier friends. so, while it doesn’t effect me, i can certainly see how cyberbullying among a generation that embraces the computer more than i do is truely a serious issue. hell, kids write malicious viruses and bugs to mess up thier enemies computers and send ’em via email!

      old fashioned bullying causes problems (Columbine, Kip Kinkle, and the tons of other stories show this). we should not view bullying as kids have always done it, always will. should we view drunken men raping women as the same? NO. if we can deter it, we should. stalking is now a crime, and they can prosecute people for stalking on the computer. so, i think they should punish kids for cyberbulling just as they would as bullying with violence in person.

  • Jerry

    Agreed about the uses of computers – but we are adults – I am simply saying that for most kids I question whether computers have helped or hurt – and I think the answer is hurt.
    When I was a kid we played outside everyday from dawn to dusk and had a ball. Now kids hole up in some dark bedroom clacking on the keyboard. Can’t be healthy – at least not as I see it.
    I am not a Luddite – just am worried about how much of what used to be a normal childhood is missing these days.