Lars Larson on Cyberbullying

The Eugene School Board has banned cyber bullying. What does that mean?

Here is what the Eugene School Board says it means. Cyber bullying is any electronic means you send a message that they say is intimidating, harassing, or discriminating.

The School Board has adopted a policy against it. The problem is that if you think about the kind of communication that goes on between boys and other boys in middle school, boys and other girls in middle school, and high school kids of all ages, you would imagine that an awful lot of that kind of that electronic communication is cyber bullying.

Does this mean schools are going to go out and start monitoring every text message that is sent? Will they monitor every phone call that is sent and every email? Are they are going to back and get subpoena powers, maybe wiretapping powers under the patriot act to find out who sent all those messages from anonymous accounts? Can you imagine a greater waste of time that a policy on cyber bullying.

This has been a Lars Larson NW Report.