The difference between Kotek’s and Drazan’s ads

By Oregon Campaign Watch,


An astute reader sent us this note on the notable difference between Oregon Governor candidate Tina Kotek’s ads and Christine Drazan’s.


“There could be no clearer illustration of the difference between the left and the right than the YouTube commercials of Christine Drazen and Tina Kotek.  Drazen’s commercials talk about Oregon, Kotek’s about Kotek.  But the most telling difference is this:  Drazen’s commercials allow you to ‘skip’ them after a few seconds and get back to your YouTube viewing, Kotek forces you to watch her lengthy, narcissistic commercials in their entirety.”


Here is the list of adverstising (radio, TV, digital) spending between the candidates

Tina Kotek: $3,600,000
Betsy Johnson: $3,275,000
Christine Drazan: $2,900,000