Dem candidates running on $22 billion tax

By Vicki Olson,

Who is pushing for Universal Health Care?

The World Bank

World Health Organization

During a virtual forum last week with the Marion County Democratic Party, Democrat legislative candidates Anthony Medina (HD – 22) and Richard Walsh (SD – 11) became the second and third candidates in the last two weeks to support a $22 billion tax hike on Oregonians to create a universal health care system.

Their support for this massive tax hike follows fellow Democrat R.J. Navarro expressing his support for socialist health care in an expletive filled scream.

Oregon Health Care providers submitted testimony that the taxes would total $20 billion- roughly the same amount as the state’s current biennial tax revenue. Expecting that any legislative body or electorate would vote to increase taxes this much is illogical and unsound.

Oregon Farm Bureau stated that the proposed employee payroll tax of $12.85 billion  per year and the personal income tax of $8.5 billion per year amounts to a total of $21.35 billion in new taxes per year. This is just $6 billion less that the State of Oregon’s entire general fund for the entire 2021-2023 biennium. This is an unprecedented expansion of state government, and the cost is far too great.

Every single Oregon Democrat running for state Legislature should be asked if they will join Navarro, Walsh, and Medina in supporting a $22 billion tax hike on Oregonians. “Legislative Democrats are making it crystal clear they will raise taxes on businesses and families,” said RSLC Spokesman Zach Kraft. “The last thing Oregonians need is Salem Democrats sticking them with a $22 billion tax hike at a time when inflation is at a record high.”