Ballot Measure 114 at 51% (Gun ban, ammo limit)

By Oregon Campaign Watch,

The highly restrictive gun control Ballot Measure 114 is polling at 51% yes, 39% No and 10% unsure.


The poll was done by DHM Research of 600 statewide voters between Sept 23-34th.

Measure 114 would ban all sorts of rifles, handguns as well as any firearm that has more than 10 rounds.

It also creates a new gun registration/class process involving your local police station.

NRA states, “Ballot Measure 114 is the nation’s most extreme gun control Initiative and will be voted on this November! The NRA has launched a website to inform voters why they must VOTE NO on Ballot Measure 114.  It is up to you to stop Oregon from further eroding its law-abiding citizens’ Second Amendment rights! Criminals do not obey the laws. Increasing laws and financial burdens will diminish, if not eliminate, the rights of law-abiding citizens. If Ballot Measure 114 passes, Oregon will unconstitutionally: -Ban magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition and most modern shotguns -Create a government registry of law-abiding gun owners’ personal information-Require a permit-to-purchase or transfer a firearm (which will require classroom and live-fire training from law enforcement) “