Oregon fastest gas spike in nation

By Vicki Olson

Gas prices across Oregon increased by over $0.50, the fastest increase in America, with the average cost of a gallon rising to $5.14. Oregon now has the 3rd most expensive gas in the country with a gallon costing $1.39 more than the national average.

Why does Oregon have one of the highest gas prices in the country?   For starters, Oregon has a $0.38 tax per gallon which is among the top 10 in the nation.

Oregon gas prices were in the top 5 most expensive just last fall 2021.

“Oregonians continue to pay a very steep price because Salem Democrats chose their radical liberal agenda over commonsense solutions,” said Republican State Leadership Committee Spokesman Zach Kraft. “Oregon’s sky-high gas prices are a microcosm of its overall failing economy which one party rule has destroyed with high taxes and burdensome regulations.”