Powerful video: Rape victim condemns Kotek’s mass criminal release

By Oregon Campaign Watch,

Oregon Crime Victims United issued a compelling video of rape victim and victim advocate, Danielle Tudor, explaining why governor candidate Tina Kotek’s voting record has putting criminals out of the street early which is dangerous and an injustice.

Oregon Crime Victims explain:

Jogger Rapist Victim Danielle Tudor Explains why WOMEN Should Oppose Tina Kotek for Governor.

Tina Kotek voted for the failed Sex Offender Registry program that will allow Richard Gillmore to leave prison on December 16th, 2022, as a Level-One Sex Offender instead of as a high-risk serial rapist. Gillmore won’t be on the public Sex Offender list when he’s released. He raped girls as young as age 13. Tudor was 17 when Gillmore broken into her home and raped her in her parents’ bedroom.

Tina Kotek as Speaker also refused to permanently lift the statute of limitations on Rape crimes. Gillmore was not prosecuted for EIGHT RAPES he admitted to, but the statute of limitations had run out.

Now Gillmore will be back on our streets, living in our community undetected.

On November 8th, the Governor candidate women need….it’s NOT TINA KOTEK!