Lars Larson: More free-lawbreaking from Multnomah DA

Lars Larson,
NW and national radio host

It’s certainly bad enough when Multnomah County’s Antifa friendly District Attorney declines to prosecute a thousand accused criminals.

That policy has helped drive violent crime to new heights in Portland.

Now, Mike Schmidt has announced special new privileges for illegal aliens.

Schmidt calls it immigration reform.

He has no business doing it because the courts have made it clear, only the federal government has any say over immigration.

DA Schmidt now promises to ignore the immigration crimes of illegal aliens so they won’t be deported.

Schmidt says he doesn’t think it’s fair when someone already illegally in this country commits crimes and then gets deported.

He claims, quote “deportation does absolutely nothing to make us more safe.”

I’d love to have DA Schmidt explain that theory of his to the family of the Portland woman jogger hit by an illegal and left to die in a ditch.

Or the family of John Zupan, the Portland grocery store innovator who was killed when a drunk illegal alien veered into oncoming traffic and hit Zupan head on.

Illegals make up about 4% of Oregon’s population…but in the state’s prisons, 14% of the killers are illegals and 18 percent of the rapists.

And now all those criminals have a new friend down at the DA’s office…and his name is Mike Schmidt and the voters chose him.