No on Measure 26-231: Don’t extend voting to non-citizens

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

We recommend a No vote on Measure 26-231 which is a Multnomah ballot measure giving non-citizens the power to vote.

Shouldn’t we be encouraging people to become citizens as opposed to encouraging them not to become citizens?

Doesn’t Multnomah County want people to become U.S. citizens?

Millions have already gone through the process and have become citizens and they find it a powerful and life-changing experience.  Why is the County trying to rob people of this important part of community?

People who become citizens take a pledge to our Constitution and learn about the very complex nation they live in.   If non-citizens are not willing to learn about the country they are in — how informed are they at voting?

Measure 26-231 (which applies to local races) appears to not even be legal.

Could not Multnomah County find anything better to do during a recession, pandemic, historic inflation spike, supply-chain crisis and a crime wave that surpassed all other cities last year in homicide increase?

Voters should vote No on Measure 26-231 and instead work to help people to become U.S. Citizens.

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