10 interesting Oregon Legislative bills so far

10 interesting Oregon Legislative bills so far
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

1. Attorney general may disqualify Oregon charities
By Oregon Attorney General

2. Designates Border collie as official state dog.
By Senator Ferrioli

3. Eliminate state superintendent of public instruction
By Sen. Frank Morse

4. Allow ATV drivers to carry a loaded handgun
By Rep Andy Olson

5. For those under 18 prosecuted for prostitution to be placed protective custody instead of prosecution.
By Rep. Gesler

6. Establishes law for sobriety checkpoints.
By Senator Monroe

7. Repeal cell-phone driving ban in “frontier counties” (which are counties with less than 6 residents per square mile).
By Rep. Thompson

8. Study to replace Marquam Bridge
By Rep. Bailey

9. Increase filing fee for State Representative and Senator candidates, changes signature requirement

10. Provides that person in possession of cremated remains has right to direct manner of disposition of remains in person’s possession.
By Senator Monroe