Tony Snow Lets Slide PDX Mayor Comments

During the White House Press briefing the issue of Portland Mayor Tom Potter came up. Mayor Potter made national news by defying the recent raid on illegal immigrants at the Del Monte factory. The news was featured on World Net Daily:

At the daily press briefing yesterday, Kinsolving asked about Portland, Ore., Mayor Tom Potter’s declaration: “I am angered by this morning’s arrest by federal officers of approximately 150 Portland residents who were working at a local produce company.”

Kinsolving asked, how does the president “ever expect to bring under control the illegal immigration problem when a mayor like Potter openly advocated overlooking existing federal immigration law regarding these 150 lawbreakers?”

The exchange then went like this:

SNOW: Was he not talking about an arrest, Lester?

WND: Yes.

SNOW: Well, then I hardly see that the mayor was in a position to circumvent the law.