House GOP kills bill letting counties raise car taxes

From House Republican Press Relealse 6-18-07:


SALEM””House Republicans today successfully defeated a Democratic plan allowing counties to increase vehicle registration fees without the consent of its citizens. Current law allows counties to raise their own registration fees, but HB 2691 would have eliminated the provision requiring voter approval by county voters.

“On several fronts, the Legislature is actively taking tax decisions out of the hands of citizens,” said Rep. Tom Butler (R-Ontario), Vice-Chair of the House Revenue Committee. “HB 2691 was yet another bill to disenfranchise of voters of their right to speak out as taxes are proposed and enacted by local governments and school boards.”

On May 15 voters rejected five county tax measures, including the Lane County Income Tax that was approved by commissioners. Polls also show that Oregonians are growing increasingly hostile to tax increases.

“Last month, Oregonians strongly opposed tax increases forced upon them by local governments,” said House Republican Leader Wayne Scott (R-Canby). “Democratic leadership wanted to silence the voters by creating a revenue-raising loophole for local politicians.” HB 2691 failed on a 27 to 33 vote, with all House Republicans opposing the bill.


  • Steve Plunk

    Rather than accept the will of the voters local jurisdictions are just looking for ways to get around measure 5 limitations. User fees, SDC’s and fees such as this are examples of tone deaf leadership. My monthly user fees now are more than my propety tax for the city of Medford. Fees for things that were traditionally paid for through property taxes such as streets, parks, water, sewer, police, and fire. It’s bad enough to pay them but to not get to vote on them is criminal.

    I applaud the house for stopping some of the nonsense and allowing voters to retain a direct voice in taxation.


    Good, the GOP got at least one thing right this session!!!!!!!!