Measure 37! The Worst is yet to come!!


Measure 37 claimants about to lose everything!

The legislature is introducing a Measure 37 moratorium on Wednesday, June 20th!

All measure 37 claims will be stopped in their tracks!

We have just learned that State Representatives Vicki Berger (R-Salem) and Brian Clem (D-Salem) are introducing a bill tomorrow that will place an absolute moratorium on Measure 37 claims.

In other words, regardless of where you are in the process, Berger and Clem’s bill will stop EVERY MEASURE 37 CLAIM IN IT’S TRACKS!

If you have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on your Measure 37 claim, Berger and Clem’s bill will WIPE OUT everything!

We don’t have a bill number yet, so we don’t have all the details. The bill will be introduced tomorrow (Wednesday the 20th), and because these are the last days of the session, the bill will probably receive a public hearing tomorrow (Wednesday the 20th) although we do not know what time.

Remember, when the legislature tried to sell House Bill 3540 (the Measure 37 repeal) to the public, the Legislature claimed that Measure 37 claimants could take three “avenues” to develop their property: the express lane, the slow lane, and the vested rights lane.


— for more information contact Oregonians In Action at 503-620-0258 —

  • Wayne Brady

    Call Vicki Berger’s office. This is certainly consistent with Republican principals.


    Well, I think this will cost at least 1 republican her seat…………the plus is if the GOP uses this correctly they might be able to wrestle on of the chambers back.

    Oh for the days of gridlock!

  • Captain_Anon

    I’d like to know how much people have actually spent on thier claims. I bet the majority have not spent as much as they are claiming. those who high the big gun legal firms, maybe. but the majority of people did thier own claims and refused to pay and fees.


      If their claim was filed prior to the “fix” bill being signed by the gov. than their claim should keep going.

      I’ve seen you support this “fix” before Capt. and you’ve always said that you feel it is would be more fair to the small claimant. It would appear from your statement above that the small claimant isn’t foremost on your mind since you believe they should be penalized because “you believe that they have refused to pay the fees” though apparently you have no proof of this.

      For all you know they can all be out thousands of dollars but you’re willing to “bet “none of your money but possibly much of the small claimants money on your unsupported opinion. You feel their claims differ with a potential future law change that doesn’t even have an initiative ballot name and may or may not be passed, this is somehow fair?

      Darn! I think we agreed 2 days in a row on a couple articles…………sorry, I have to break our streak on this one 😉

      • Captain_Anon

        well, you’re reading a lot into my post that isn’t there. i was saying, i wonder how much claimants have really paid, rather than all the rhetroric and hoopla being spewed about. i really dont’ beleive most claimants have invested thousands. how do i know? well OIA has told claimants not to pay fees, and many claimants who i’ve read about have said they refuse to pay the fees. and even if they DID pay the fees, most of the fees i’ve seen reported were between 250 and 500 or 700-ish. I guess i don’t see that amounting to 5000 or 10,000. i’m just wishing for actual numbers, not conjecture.

        as far as me supporting measure 37 fixes…i’m unaware of how this new fix just brought up changes things. i’ve not heard about it, nor read it. the original fix, yes i do support it. and i do believe that fix helps the small claimants. i don’t know what this new one reallly says. so, hard for me to support it or condemn it.

    • Ted Kennedy’s Liver

      At a minimum they’re out several hundred dollars in legal fees. Most are probably out several thousand dollars in survey expenses and many are probably out tens of thousands of dollars in city and county fees collected when property is subdivided, a few poor SOBs who have started to bring services to their property and/or start building may be out hundreds of thousands of dollars.

      • Captain_Anon

        sounds like the money you’re talking about is money they’d spend for development no matter what. surveys, land division fees etc etc are all part of development. the vast majority of claimants haven’t gotten legal help – unless you know somethign i don’t, and if so, please state the source.

        you make some sense craw…. a vesting approach would seem appropriate for those who have started development or have really worked to make legitimate claims.


    If they would pass a bill that said “any claimant who has not paid the fees has “their” claim voided until the election” I could support that. Why would they not try to pass that…… guess is that they know many people have paid the fees and invested money into their appeals. Why are they attackng those people?