Pols closer to nixing Double Majority

The Legislature is moving speedily on HJR 15 which would eliminate the Double Majority Law for most tax elections. Expect the referral measure to appear on your November ballot this year, despite voters approving it three times. This is happening at the same time the Legislature is voting to roll back voter approved Measure 37 and roll back petition rights altogether. Some great guys were quoted in The Oregonian today on it:

Jason Williams, the executive director of the Taxpayer Association of Oregon, said the Senate vote was “an offense” to voters. “It’s part of a larger trend of this Legislature to roll back voter-approved measures,” Williams said. “It’s part of the don’t-trust-the-voters mentality of the politicians.”

Republican senators hammered on the same theme. “I find it the height of arrogance that we think we are smarter than the voters of this state,” said Sen. Larry George, R-Sherwood.