Death Row Xmas gift fits Brown’s ‘ignore democracy’ era

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Thisweek Governor over-rulled the will of the voters when she offered commutations to all the remaining death row inmates to reduce their penalty by saving them from from their pending execution.   She basically made the people’s Constitution void by exercising her power and using her pardon power to wipe out entire categories of criminals.

This is Governor Brown’s legacy = skirting democracy.  This can be seen in our cartoon above showing how she abused her power over the Carbon tax.  Gov. Brown was so upset that the Legislature did not pass a Carbon Tax (which could have effectively increased gas taxes by 72 cents) that she quickly decided to enact parts of the failed bill into law all by herself through a handful of  different administrative Executive Orders.   No vote or public hearing was ever held.

It is not good enough to be a twice serving Governor and to have a political party with 60%+ super-majorities in both chambers, that you need to go the extra mile and hunt any last remaining item you didn’t get your way and to force it upon voters?

Here is another cartoon explaining her abuse of power.

Governor Brown also made much of the key Covid decision behind closed doors with as little public input and elected representative input as possible.

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