11 charts define Oregon in 2022

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon



These are charts that Taxpayers Association of Oregon created (or existing charts we spiced up) that were featured in in various articles throughout the year.


Oregon was the last four states to have an indoor mask mandate back in March.


Where cars are stolen in Portland … like everywhere


Oregon in the top 10 highest cost-of-living states


Oregon and Californian pay more in gas prices because of our environmental laws


Where people are murdered in Portland.  2022 was homicide record breaker.


Business tax collections under Kotek and Brown


Oregon among top population exodus states



Politicians aim to raise to property taxes to help fund missing revenue caused by their tax give-a-ways to the rich.


Known criminals coming across the border are at an all time high.


Biden came into Portland (Kotek on left) and said the economy was “strong as hell”.  We think he meant to say “Everything is on fire and gone to hell”.


These charts we made are some of the most insightful tools to explain Oregon’s crisis.


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