Sen. Atkinson reviews the Legislature

Below is a newsletter from Senator Jason Atkinson 6-25-07:

Making Salem work for Oregon

Whether promoting the renewable energy industry in Oregon, fighting to take politics of the education budget, urging legislators to preserve the intent of Measure 37, or working to make the People’s Building beautiful again, Senator Jason A. Atkinson has been focused this session on making state government work for the people of Oregon.

– Renewable Energy:
Senate Bill 838, recently signed by the Governor, will require 25% of the electricity produced by Oregon’s largest utilities to be created from clean, renewable energy. This will encourage the growth of a new industry in Oregon providing new jobs in rural Oregon. For more information:

– Capital Gains Tax:
Senator Atkinson continues his crusade to eliminate capital gains taxes in Oregon with SB 585. For more information, please see the video of his testimony before the Senate Revenue and Finance Committee:

– Hunger Relief:
This session Senator Atkinson sponsored legislation creating an income tax credit for donations to Oregon food banks, food pantries, or shelters that provide meals to the hungry. “I have been forever changed by the work of Gospel Rescue Missions around the state,” said Sen. Atkinson. “Allowing nonprofits like these, who help Oregon’s most in need, is not only the right thing to do — it is the moral thing to do.” Unfortunately, the majority party defeated the measure with a party line vote in favor of an amendment to repeal the double-majority taxing requirement. For more information:

– Bioptic Bill:
In 2003, at the request of Aaron Matthews, a Grants Pass high school senior at the time, Senator Atkinson sponsored legislation allowing people with eye conditions such as macular degeneration to drive when using bioptic lenses. This session Senator Atkinson sponsored and the Oregon Legislature approved SB 728 which allows the program to continue beyond its expiration date. For more information: lenses. This session Senator Atkinson sponsored and the Oregon Legislature approved SB 728 which allows the program to continue beyond its expiration date.
For more information:

– Measure 37: Oregonians voted for Measure 37. Senator Atkinson believes the Oregon Legislature needs to respect their decision. See this clip of Senator Atkinson’s floor speech urging fellow senators to keep Measure 37 the law in this state.

– Capitol Beautification Project:
After years of neglect, needed repairs have been
ignored. And the Capitol’s infamous ugly orange carpet has long been out of style. Senator Atkinson is passionate about making Oregon’s Capitol Building beautiful again. Senator Atkinson led the effort to renovate the building. He is especially excited to see the original sky lights above the stair well unveiled. The project is scheduled to begin this fall and be finished before the 2009 Legislative Session.

– Atkinson Plays Lincoln:
Senator Atkinson keeps life in the capitol from getting too dull. See the video:

Outside of the Capitol:
Speaking Around Oregon: Last year, Senator Atkinson visited every city in the state. Like a good marching band, he is going one time around again. Since the beginning of the year, Senator Atkinson has spoken in Astoria, Cave Junction, Grants Pass, Medford, Bend, La Grande, Monmouth, Portland, Pendleton, and the Dalles. If you are interested in having Senator Atkinson speak with your group of concerned citizens please contact us at [email protected]

Working with the Kurds in Iraq:
Although it is not well-known, Oregon has a sister state relationship with Kurdistan in Iraq. As a result, Senator Atkinson has been working closely with the Kurdistan Development Corporation which is working to promote the northern region in Iraq as a good place to do business. This work opened the door for Senator Atkinson to travel to Iraq with Gold Star families last fall.

For more information of his trip, see the journal he kept of his trip. Also, read the WorldNetDaily article Senator Atkinson wrote on the U.S. involvement in Iraq.

In the News:
“Senator’s Son is Already Learning Family Business,”
Grants Pass Daily Carrier, April 19, 2007
Here’s an except article about Sen. Atkinson’s four year old son, Perry:

The son of a prominent politician is already familiarizing his own child with the political process. On Wednesday afternoons, local Sen. Jason Atkinson has been taking a short walk from the Capitol to a day care facility to pick up his son, Perry, who spends the rest of the day at his father’s work.

“He actually knows all the ladies on the second floor and which one of them has candy,” said Jason Atkinson, who names his son after his own father…”

If you have questions or comments, please contact Senator Atkinson.