Rep. Reschke: My bills to address taxes, drugs, boosting business

By State Representative E. Werner Reschke,

The 82nd Legislative Session began this week on Tuesday. Constitutionally, the session runs a maximum of 160 days, between January 17 and June 25. State lawmakers will be debating policy on behalf of their constituents as well as passing a balanced budget for the next two years (2023-2025).

This session I am introducing several bills. Here is a quick overview:

Encourage Businesses to Invest & Reinvest in Oregon 

  • Reestablish and enhance the economic tools the legislature abandoned, like the Research & Development Tax Credit, to bolster new sectors in our economy and foster innovation.
  • Create a new Jobs & Investment Tax Credit to encourage businesses of all sizes to locate employees and facilities in Oregon.
  • A more inclusive small businesses tax policy that allows more businesses to take advantage of special tax rates.

Make the Tax Code Fairer for Individuals and Families 

  • Today nearly 75% of Oregon taxpayers are paying the second highest personal income tax rate of 8.75% — modify tax code to lower rates and adjust brackets.
  • Double Oregon’s standard income tax deduction to provide relief for low-and middle-income households.
  • With housing prices that have skyrocketed over the past 10 years, many people are becoming accidental millionaires. Increase the threshold on Oregons estate tax.

Affordable Housing

  • Keep Oregon’s home mortgage interest deduction.
  • Create an income tax credit for building middle housing units for households with an annual income between 80-120 of area median income.

Cleaning Up Our Streets

  • Repealing Ballot Measure 110’s open drug market policy.
  • Make possession of hard drugs a felony (as it was before 2017).

Parents Rights

  • Constitutional Amendment that clearly states parents have the fundamental right to direct the upbringing, education, and care of their children.



Public input is essential to creating good policy. This year the Capitol is open again to the public. However, due to construction there is a limit on the number of people allowed in the building. If you plan on testifying in person or if you plan on visiting the Capitol, please feel free to contact my office to help make your time at the Capitol a success.

In addition, this year is the first time public testimony will be allowed both in-person and remotely. Here are some links to help you decide how best to testify. Note: To testify in-person or remotely you must first register online.

It is my honor to serve the people of southern Deschutes, northern and eastern Klamath County. I look forward to hearing from you in the coming weeks and months.