Hibbits poll shows big negatives

A new Davis, Hibbitts & Migdhall poll shows low favorability and high negatives.

Here is the favorability ratings
Wyden 54%
Kulongoski 47%
Smith 46%
Bush 35%
Legislature 36%
Congress 34%
Wyden/Smith are 10% below a 2005 poll.

What does this mean?

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  • Matt Evans

    I’ll take a crack at this, though I’m not a huge fan of polls (forgive me Bob & Mike!).

    Voters are becoming more and more fed up with “the system.” They are more and more mistrustful of all politicians regardless of party, and are beginning to believe in particular that “the system” and its institutions no longer work. The fact that the two institutions in the poll have about the same rating shows this. Politicians as individuals are still going to fluctuate as we see here – almost a 20 percent difference between Bush and Wyden. This is as much a function of media coverage as anything else. Typically, people believe what they read/see/hear about things with which they don’t have personal experience. You’ll note this in polls on the economy where the majority of respondents say they are doing well personally, but think the economy as a whole, or other people, are struggling. Bush almost never gets any positive press – he is left with those who are going to support him almost no matter what he does or says. Smith gets considerably worse press than Wyden. Kulongoski is generally invisible and probably hard for people to say they really dislike.

    It wouldn’t surprise me to see some of these numbers continue in freefall as voters see that nothing that makes problems disappear ever happens. As an example, I clearly remember complaining over the amount of funding available for public schools in the 1970s – well before any property tax limitation measures. The debate is essentially unchanged in over 30 years. Regardless of whether you feel that debate is a phony one, no institution has taken action to end it.

  • Jerry

    These surveys only prove one thing. People are not as stupid as the politicos think they are. These numbers will continue to go down, just like the Oregonian’s circulation and the reputation of our state.

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