Lars Larson: Dems cover up their shady behavior

By Lars Larson,
NW and national radio host

When Oregon democrats break state laws and accept an illegal campaign donation would you trust a former Democrat party official to do the investigation?

Yeah, me neither.

I’ve sounded the alarm for months about the 500-thousand bucks Oregon Democrats used to finance the election of Tina Kotek .

That money came from one of the top officials of FTX…the crypto currency scheme that defrauded honest investors of billions.

Oregon Democrats took the money under a false name, which counts as a felony.

Now, a bankruptcy receiver wants to return as much of that money as possible to as many of the victims as possible.

Only corrupt Oregon Democrats refuse to hand over the cash.

Now, the Democrat Secretary of State, who oversees elections, has engineered a way to have a fellow top democrat investigate.

Shemia Fagan just fired the former director of state elections for refusing to do her dirty work. She replaced Deborah Scroggin…a longtime auditor, who’d only been on the job about a year, with Molly Woon.

And who’s Molly? Former Deputy Director of the Democrat party.

You see how this works? Governor Kotek stays silent. The Party spends the money. And a reliable party hack is assigned to cover up the theft.

And you thought the Biden Crime Family was bad.