Government Pork Over Police

House Republican Press Release 6/27/07:


SALEM””The 2007-09 budget serves plenty of pork to Democratic districts, but provides no 24/7 State Police coverage for Oregonians. House Republican Leader Wayne Scott (R-Canby) said the recently-completed budget reflects the misplaced priorities of the Legislature’s Democratic leadership.

“With over $2.5 billion in new revenue this biennium, you’d think the Legislature would reserve $4.2 million to provide Oregonians with around-the-clock State Police protection,” Rep. Scott said. “Instead, the Democrats pass a budget with hundreds of millions of dollars in pork-barrel borrowing and spending. This Legislature didn’t have the guts to assure the public safety of its citizens.”

Examples of wasteful borrowing and spending include $7 million for a parking lot in Hillsboro, $20 million for downtown Portland streetcars, $45 million for light-rail in Portland and Milwaukie, $1 million in arts funding and additional millions in elections and administrative costs for measures Democrats couldn’t pass in the Legislature.

“This Legislature is borrowing and spending record amounts of taxpayer dollars,” Rep. Scott said. “House Democrats blocked our proposal to create a Legislative Audit Office, so there’s little accountability for the wasteful spending in this budget.”


  • Jerry

    These idiot Dems are full of it. Public safety is priority number one and if they don’t realize that I only hope they need help sometime at 2:00 AM in when they are lost in the mountains.
    These people are so stupid it is hard for me to comprehend.


    Socialist believe everyone should live in a population center not in rural areas. Of course they wouldn’t fund state cops who patrol the rural areas, they probably hope that it’ll scare people to move into the cities. Communists are pathetic……………and running Oregon!

  • Anon

    Let’s remember that it was the House Democrats who added back 100 State Troopers this year after all these years of Republican cuts to OSP.