Oregon Congressman: Trade rural Oregon for Boise, resort town

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


Oregon Congressman Earl Blumenauer issued a short statement on the Greater Idaho plan for select rural Oregon states to become part of Idaho.

The statement read:

“I would entertain a trade for Boise and Sun Valley,”

Interesting that Congressman Blumenauer is satirically offering to trade hurting rural Oregon counties in exchange for a big city and a resort town.

Typical politicians values only big cities and rich luxury cities.

This is why Blemenauer helps steer Federal transportation dollars for Oregon towards super-expensive billion dollar light rail projects (that under perform on people served) and other Portland area projects, while the rest of rural Oregon languishes.

Also interesting is the fact that Boise is a #1 exodus city for Oregonians fleeing the State.  In way, Blumenauer would like to capture these taxpayers back because they still need your tax money.

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