$5,200 is average Kicker Refund. Will it be stolen?

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


The average Oregon taxpayer will be receiving an estimated $5,200 income tax refund in 2024!! (That’s not a typo!) If you are an Oregon taxpayer who makes the average annual wage you may be getting a $5,200 refund when you file your taxes in 2024 (your CPA can explain more). The kicker refund exists because the state over-collected income taxes by three billion dollars. By law, this unexpected budget surplus is supposed to go back to the people who created the surplus – Oregon taxpayers.

Imagine what you and other Oregonians can do with $5,200 during these tough times. At the very least it will help us deal with today’s rising prices. Imagine, because Oregon Governor Tina Kotek seems to have more than imagined what she could do with your kicker refund. Her proposed budget increases spending a whopping 26 percent.

By setting her budget goal so high, the governor is pressuring legislators to come up with the extra funds to pay for it. Oregon’s revenue-ravenous politicians will descend on your kicker refund like wolves on a little fawn.

Yesterday, we documented 9 ways politicians are already over-spending on their budget wish list which taken together total billions of dollars.

Already two different bills have been authored that involve grab your Kicker Income Tax Refund. (SJR 26, SB 774)

The only reason the kicker is on the table is because the state of Oregon over-collected income taxes by $3.5 billion dollars in the last budget cycle. Voters put in the Constitution a requirement that such surplus and over-collected taxes must be returned to taxpayers who paid it.

This chart shows why politicians will feel pressure to raid part of your Kicker Refund to keep this type of spending going for the next ten years.

Please do your part by broadcasting this message to other taxpayers in Oregon.    People need to be alerted in advance of this looming battle before it happens.   Your $5,2000 Kicker refund is at stake.   Please start by sharing this article online, through email, Tweets and Likes.

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