Sen. Atkinson ends with optimism

Senator Jason Atkinson’s optimism took me by surprise on the final day of Session when I was interviewing Senators who mostly had bad news to share. Atkinson focused on the positives. There were several of his smaller bills he saw become law (Byoptic bill and restoring State Capitol Grounds from unfashionable ruins). Atkinson’s other agenda items, like capital gains tax cut and the charitable tax credit for groups like the successful Union Gospel Mission program, received a lot of attention and forward momentum. Atkinson noted that they may not have passed but they are in better position for future passage. Atkinson explained that he did the best he could, he moved his issues forward in tough times, and that he is becoming more effective and growing while in office. Such positive thinking was worth noting. Lets hope it is contagious. (Picture: Sen. Atkinson and Sen. Kruse on last few hours before Sine Die)