Lars Larson: Media wildly ignores Kotek’s hypocrisy, blunders

By Lars Larson,
NW and national radio host

Would someone other than me please call out Governor Tina Kotek on her amazing hypocrisy?

Kotek gets elected in part with half a million dollars in stolen money the Democrat Party got from a crypto donor…and chooses not to tell her party to return it.

Kotek knows the state pays the personal travel expenses of state employees who chose to live out of state…in non-income tax states by the way. Quite a trick that: make your money allegedly serving Oregonians who pay income taxes…but don’t pay any yourself.
The Governor could stop that quickly…but she chooses not to.

Tina Kotek lives in the Governor’s mansion, where the lights will never go out because she’s getting a brand new generator that runs on the fossil fuels she claims she wants the rest of us to stop using.

Towns like Eugene have already forbidden citizens from building any houses with natural gas furnaces or water heaters…and emergency power plants like Tina has.

I broke the story last week…about the propane and natural gas generator set up for Mahonia hall…and the nearly one-third of a million-dollar price tag. Contractors tell me that’s easily four times what the project SHOULD cost…but when you’re spending other people’s money, why should she care what it costs.

I’d love to have some of my friends at TV stations and the Daily Fishwrapper ask Kotek about this. If they don’t, that tells you plenty.

I’d love to ask her, “if you really believe in solar panels and batteries, why don’t you have those installed at your mansion.”

I guess her slogan is “Fossil fuels for me, but not for thee”.