Hearings: Ukraine discrimination, expand teachers with criminal past, more…

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon



Here are interesting bills with hearings this week:


SB 935 prohibits housing discrimination for Ukrainians.

SB 935 in Senate Housing and Development it reads, “Prohibits landlords from denying application for tenancy based on certain rental or financial screening or admissions criteria if applicant is refugee from Ukraine.”


SB 524 studies eliminating crimes that disqualify criminals from teaching

SB 524 in Senate Judiciary reads “Directs Oregon Criminal Justice Commission to convene advisory council to consider policy implications of identifying specific crimes for which conviction is disqualifying conviction for individuals seeking licensure or registration from Teacher Standards and and Practices Commission or seeking employment or contract with school district.”


SB 579 expands voting rights for criminals.

SB 579 in Senate Judiciary reads “Allows persons convicted of felony to register to vote, update voter registration and vote in elections while incarcerated.”


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