Rep. Minnis No Re-election, Sen. Walker= Sec/State

Sen. Vicki Walker announced her run for Secretary of State within minutes of the close of Legislative Session. The decision helps answer one of the biggest questions for one of the most important races.

Rep. Minnis office announced that she will not seek re-election. Minnis has been a part of the Capitol as Speaker, Lawmaker and Legislative Staff for over 10 years. She will be greatly missed.

From Rep. Minnis press release:

“Rep. Minnis is serving her fifth term in the House of Representatives, including one term as House Majority Leader and two terms as House Speaker. She led the Oregon Legislature through a devastating recession in the early part of this decade, during which she developed and passed the “Emergency Care Package” in 2003 to protect vulnerable citizens from budget cuts.

Rep. Minnis also took a leading role in advancing PERS reforms and passing historic legislation to combat methamphetamine and gang violence in East County. Her legislative career will also be remembered for her continuous fight against domestic and sexual violence. “

See also closing photo of Sen. Winters doing the wiggly dance.