Oregon approves new political party (Presidential impact)

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Oregon has a new political party: No Labels. Backers of the new party, originally from Connecticut, had to submit 29,294 valid signatures, and have already been approved in Colorado and Arizona.

This new party, coincidentally, makes it easier for a Presidential candidate to run in 2024 outside of the major political parties.   Consider, Bernie Sanders, was pressured to run as a third party candidate twice, Republican David French was pressured to run as a third party candidate against Trump in 2016, the media hypes Trump as a possible third party candidate in 2024 if he doesn’t win the GOP Primary and finally, former Democrat 2020 Presidential candidates, Andrew Yang and former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, are over-speculated as third party candidates.

The No-Labels Party Launched as a national concept in 2010, No Labels aims to foster cooperation and problem-solving across party lines and claims to want to give voters a non-extreme presidential option next year. The party supports policies such as, simplifying the tax code, securing energy independence, balancing the budget, and creating a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

No Labels has gained enough support to appear on the 2024 presidential election ballots in not just Oregon, but Colorado and Arizona too. National pundits are worried this third-party option will lure away Democratic voters from Biden’s presidential campaign as the movement is drawing attention from both the right and left.

It’s unclear who the No Labels candidate would be, but the national group is well on its way to upending political traditions by hosting a nominating convention in April 2024, months ahead of the Republican and Democratic caucuses.

Oregonians can switch their party registration to the No Labels Party at oregonvotes.gov.