Cartoon visually explains Oregon rank voting

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Ranked choice voting is being debated in the Oregon Legislature this month and has already been approved in Portland.

This graphic shows one example of ranked choice voting on how it can go through four different rounds of tabulations before a winner is determined based on 5 canddiates.

Here is the problem of ranked choice voting.

• Ranked choice voting decreases voter turnout — due to confusion.

• Ranked choice voting delays election results — sometimes by weeks or possibly months.

• Ranked choice voting increases election resources at a time when election offices are overloaded.

• Ranked choice voting doubles and triples the amount of errors in election.  If you thought it was controversial on the different ways voters mess-up filling in a box with a pencil, imagine how complicated it gets when you ask them use 5 different numbers.

• Increases voter error as some voters will accidentally rank in reverse order, while others may accidentally repeat the same number twice.

• Dilutes your vote, as it forces people to spread their vote around and decreases their importance for a single candidate.

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