Senate GOP: Homeless package passing is just step one

Homelessness Package is Only the First Step in Addressing the Housing Backlog
By Oregon Senate Republicans,

SALEM, Ore. – Last night, the Oregon Senate passed HB 2001B and HB 5019, a package meant to address one of Oregon’s most urgent issues: homelessness. The package now heads to the Governor’s Desk.

“Investments made in this bill are important but temporary. We need a bold and robust housing package to follow the homelessness package,” said Senate Republican Leader Tim Knopp (R-Bend).

“The state needs more housing of all types, and we need it now. While HB 2001 is a step in the right direction, it is only a first step in addressing our immense backlog,” said Senator Dick Anderson (R-Lincoln City), Vice-Chair of the Senate Housing and Development Committee. “We must engage all of the development community to unlock capital and accelerate our housing supply if we are going to meet the ambitious production goals set forth by the Governor. HB 2001 was the result of a multi-year process that will only impact development years down the road. Our neighbors shouldn’t be asked to wait that long before we act again.”

“If we’re going to have a permanent solution, we’re going to need to do something extraordinary. To do something extraordinary, you can’t keep doing the same thing you’ve been doing the past decade or two or five. We have some time left in the session and it’s going to be critical that we come up with solutions that actually make a difference,” concluded Knopp.