Sec. of State Shemia Fagan's agency is failing businesses

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

The Secretary of State Corporation Division that serves every Oregon small business is woefully failing behind.

Due to a lack of staff, the office is closed for an entire day on Friday and only open for 7 hours on other days.  Their website says to expect 4-6 weeks in processing business filings.

A call into the division on a Thursday afternoon placed the caller into eternal on-hold hell with nearly 45 callers ahead of the caller.

The labor shortage is a direct result of Oregon liberal lawmakers and Congress helping to pay people more to NOT WORK than to work.

This is sad, since Oregon is in the top 5 biggest government spending states in America (per-capita) and we can’t even get our business help agency to answer the phone in a timely manner or even have their office open on a business day.

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