HB 3240 allows "name-free" food stamp debit cards

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

HB 3240 would remove the requirement that a food stamp card not have the person’s name on it if the card was a replacement.

There is already rampant theft among Food Stamp debit cards because the Federal government never got around to updating their cards to be chip protected like the rest of the nation did in 2015. Government is turning a blind eye to fraud. Even worse, Oregon doesn’t even bother to track such fraud or prosecute it properly when it is discovered. The word is out among thieves that this is an open-steal zone with minimal consequences. The State won’t even help the poor victims replace stolen funds.

HB 3240 would make it easier to commit fraud with a nameless card.  If timing of replacement is an issue, why can’t the Sate just issue temporary cards with a permanent pen?  We will await more reasoning behind this bill come the public hearing.

HB 3240 reads, “Removes requirement that replacement electronic benefits transfer card for public assistance and nutrition assistance program benefits include name of recipient.”