World's #1 drug cartel using Seaside, Hillsboro, Hood River

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

The Louisville Courier Journal produced a 28-page special report in 2019 on one of the world’s #1 most wanted, most dangerous drug cartels, CJGN.  Mexico’s national security called CJGN, “the most technologically advanced, sophisticated, heavily-armed, dangerous, and feared criminal organization in the world” as they have used their militia power to wipe out entire Mexican police convoys and shoot down police helicopters with Russian made rocket launchers.

This Louisville Courier Journal special reporting on CJGN has grown over the years to feature how they operate across America.   The latest Courier Journal 2023 report features how it operates in Oregon.   It tells the story of a deported felon who slipped across the border time and again while smuggling 20 kilos of meth, half a kilo of heroin, and nearly two kilos of fentanyl into Oregon with networks even stretching into the tranquil coastal community of Seaside as well as Gresham, Cannon Beach, Portland, Hood River and Hillsboro.    Small towns like Seaside, Cannon Beach, and Hood River have small police forces and are unable to handle large criminal organizations.

John Walker, a Clatsop County Sheriff’s detective, bought drugs undercover and helped federal agents break up an extensive Pacific Northwest drug-dealing cell, according to the report.

(photo: Mexico drug cartel violence)

Victor Alvarez Farfan, a Mexican national who lived in Oregon City, oversaw a Portland drug ring affiliated with the Cártel Jalisco Nueva Generación until his arrest on federal charges and subsequent deportation, but he uses five aliases or more to cross the border.

Law enforcement busted up the Portland drug ring and arrested 23 people in 2018, but then murders took place in Mexico aimed at silencing potential witnesses.

The drugs brought north along the I-5 corridor spread east and west to small rural communities in Oregon and Southwest Washington as well as big cities like Portland, Seattle, and Tacoma, law enforcement officials said. Drugs are distributed through houses such as those busted in Seaside and Cannon Beach.   Their drug dealers in Oregon are held captive to the wishes of CJGN because the cartel threatens to murder their family and relatives back home in retaliation.

The world’s top drug cartel will continue to operate in Oregon as long as Oregon remains a weak law enforcement state and as Oregon continues to defund its police, release 1,000 criminals early (as Gov. Brown did) and under-fund drug rehab services.

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