Lars Larson: They'd rather kids get killed than admit any wrong

By Lars Larson,
NW and national radio host

I’ll admit, it’s hard to figure out how many dead kids democrats want before they change a bad law.

One law, which became law less than 2 years ago, forbids Washington cops from chasing fleeing suspects unless the officer has “probable cause” to believe the suspect has committed a violent felony crime.

There’s a bill to change the law. Democrats in Olympia voted NOT to even VOTE on it yesterday. The drop dead deadline for that bill hits at 5pm tonight.

Last week, Washington State patrol tried to stop one driver hitting 111 miles an hour.

That’s bad stuff, but it ain’t a felony.

When lights and siren didn’t do it, the trooper broke off pursuit.

Predictably, an hour later, that same driver caused a head-on crash.

Delialah, who only got 8 years of life, and Timothy, all of six years old, both killed.

Do the deaths of tiny children move democrats to change their anti-cops way?

Perish the thought.

Democrats don’t like cops. They vote to defund them.

Democrats don’t like police stops because they say too many people of color get pulled over.

Democrats, and I kid you not, claim it’s dangerous to stop someone from going 111 miles an hour.

Democrats save their sympathy for criminals.

I’ll save mine for the kids.