Bill removes "Global Warming" name (too unpopular?)

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

SB 522 removes the name “Global Warming Commission” to “Climate Action Commission”.

The term global warming has been widely scrapped by many environmentalists as the name has soured with the public, especially after decades of false predictions and negative publicity.   Climate is a term that allows for greater flexibility in attributing any change in climate to the problem of global warming.

But there is more to the bill than a name change.

SB 522 is defined, “Establishes goal of achieving greenhouse gas levels that are at least 45 percent below 1990 levels by 2035. Adjusts. 2050 goal to achieve greenhouse gas levels that are at least 80 percent, rather than 75 percent below 1990 levels.Changes name of “Oregon Global Warming Commission” to “Oregon Climate Action Commission” (Commission). Authorizes Commission to periodically make recommendations to Legislative Assembly to strengthen greenhouse gas emission reduction goals (GHG Emission Reduction Goals) based on the best available science. Increases number of voting members from 11 to 13 by adding member with significant experience in environmental justice and a youth representative. Increases number of nonvoting members from 14 to 22 by adding the directors of the following agencies: Department of Land Conservation and Development, Oregon Health Authority, Oregon Business Development Department, Oregon Department of Administrative Services, Department of Consumer and Business Services, State Fish and Wildlife, Housing and Community Services Department, and the executive director of the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board”

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