1 week. 4 school abuse horror stories

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

In about one week, four different news stories made headlines, all involving rampant abuse and scandals involving Oregon publci schools.

1) Vice Principal caught in sex sting: A vice principal at Centennial High School has been charged with commercial sexual solicitation and giving false information to a peace officer. Terrance A. Schloth from Gresham was among eight men arrested in a human trafficking sting after they offered to pay law enforcement decoys for sexual favors.

2) Teacher kept sexually abusing students for 15 years: For more than a decade, the St. Helens School District ignored dozens of complaints about a social studies teacher, Kyle Jarred Wroblewski, and track coach who touched female students and made inappropriate remarks to them—and even designated him a “safe” person for a troubled female student—until his arrest for sexually abusing that 16-year-old girl. The teacher pleaded guilty.

A federal lawsuit contends that that two superintendents, two principals, other administrators and many teachers were “deliberately indifferent” to a decade of Wroblewski’s predatory behavior, which enabled him to prey on her.   Although one administrator wanted him fired, the district’s only response to the many complaints and Wroblewski’s admission that he couldn’t stop himself was a one-day suspension.

The problem started 18 years ago in 2005, when complaints of inappropriate jokes, sexual comments, and inappropriate touching of female students began. Three years later, he reportedly asked the district for help, and he was ordered not to physically touch any female students or talk to them about their clothes, perfume, or bodies. More than 20 students (20 students!) then complained about his questionable behavior and an administrator recommended he be fired, but he wasn’t.

3) School ignored bullied 7th grader who was twice hospitalized: A 7th-grade girl at Centennial Middle School was bullied and beaten by classmates so badly she was hospitalized twice.  The student’s lawsuit says administrators simply suspended one student for a week and set up a safety plan telling the victim, who has a learning disability takes special education classes, to avoid cracked doors and don’t speak to her attackers.

According to the lawsuit, in October 2021, after a male student slammed her into a wall, breaking her wrist, when she after she rejected his sexual advances, school officials simply contacted his parents. A few months later, the lawsuit says, the girl suffered a concussion after a female student and friend of the first attacker punched her in the head and face and pulled her hair while other students laughed until a school safety patrol officer stopped it. After the district suspended that attacker for a week for fighting, other students sent the victim threatening and abusive texts and harassed her over social media. She is now homeschool and terrified to go anywhere, according to her aunt.

4) Students sharing sex stories school assignment was part of school curriculum: Although the sex-assignment scandal broke a few weeks ago, it was only until recently was it discovered that the assignment was part of the school curriculum for which now parents are pledging to recall or replace local school board members.  It all started when students from teacher Kirk Miller’s Health 2 Human Sexuality class at Churchill High School were given an assignment called “Fantasy Story,” writing about sexual fantasies without penetration or oral sex using candles, massage oil, feathers, or flavored syrup. Another assignment called “With Whom Would You Do It” used a spinning wheel that stopped in different sexual categories. Students were asked to write the initials of someone with whom they’d like to engage in such acts. The health class is required to graduate. Miller has been placed on administrative leave. An administrator denied rumors of spinning wheels listing salacious acts but confirmed an online virtual randomizer wheel without sexual acts and noted the sexual fantasy assignment was conducted without adequate oversight using supplemental material. If school board members aren’t replaced in elections in May, parents are ready to launch efforts to recall them.

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