Oregon Presidential straw poll results (part 1)

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


Over 540 Taxpayers Association of Oregon supporters answered our 2023 Presidential Straw Poll.

We issue this poll because Oregon’s late primary means candidates and the media often ignore what Oregonians have to say.   The Taxpayers Association is giving them a chance to be heard.

Here are the results:

34% – Donald Trump
30.2% – Ron DeeSantis
20% – Undecided
5.6% – Nikki Haley
3.6% – Mike Pompeo
2.7% – Mike Pence
2.2% – Other Misc candidates (2 or less votes)
.7% – Tim Scott
.6% – Glenn Younkin

The results came in between mid-February and early April.

Now view the poll Part 2.

Oregon Presidential Straw Poll Results (part 2)

Last year, Taxpayers Association of Oregon conducted an Oregon’s Governor’s poll and issue poll to much success.  If you would like to participate in future political polls and have a voice in Oregon and share your opinions then please consider being a Taxpayers Association of Oregon supporter.    — Contribute online at OregonWatchdog.com (learn about a Charitable Tax Deduction or Political Tax Credit options to promote liberty).