2 wildly inept headlines this morning

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

In The Oregonian today, we have the article for which the sub-headline asks “why do Americans feel so glum” when inflation is only 5%.

This shows how out-of-touch many reporters have become.

Furthermore, OPB reported this morning that Portland politicians are unsure on implementing their new ranked-choice voting scheme.    It must be said, that last year, the same Portland politicians fought tooth and nail to add ranked-choice voting to a massive omnibus Charter reform ballot measure — even though it was unrelated to everything else in the charter measure.  Now people are saying the” process was rushed and unclear”.

Portland politicians knew it was controversial and problematic, and now four months later after pushing people to vote for it, they are stuck with it still being controversial and problematic.   They don’t even fully understand it and are implementing it with flaws and all upon the public.

What a shame.

These two headlines showcase the disconnect Oregon faces.

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