Gordon Smith race gets crowded recently

Last week two Democratic challengers went public with their considerations to run against U.S. Senator Gordon Smith. House Speaker Jeff Merkley admitted he took a candidate fact finding Washington D.C. trip. The same week Ashland radio host Jeff Golden announced possible intentions to run. (You could also add in New Seasons co-founder Eileen Brady who announced three weeks ago).

These candidates are taking full advantage of the glorious media spotlight coronations that are being offered to anyone who will announce a run. You can see this when the Oregonian runs a large editorial headlined “Run, Somebody, Run“. Did the Oregonian run such headlines when there was no viable challengers to Senator Wyden? Congressmen Hooley?

On another note, this episode is a good lesson in how serious Democratic members take such races and the willingness to unload endless candidates to make something stick in the end. Do the Republicans have such people lined up for state races in 2008? Can’t name a solid candidate, can you?

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  • Homerf12

    Any horse can neigh, but Novick’s the only one to leave the stable.


    Yawn…………….a non story…

  • responsibility

    Despite voting more than 20 times from 2002 through 2007 to fund and authorize the war in Iraq Smith wants to convince Oregonians he opposes the conflict. Last December told as many reporters as he could find that he he oppossed the war and then went to the Senate Chamber and continued voting for the Iraq war. By consistently voting for the war while teling the public he opposes it, he has lost credibility with Oregonians. Who’s going to believe him now? Smith’s votes don’t match his quotes.

  • Nme

    So the left has been trying so hard to change people’s mind on the Iraq war policy, and when they do, they shoot them down. For pacifists — they love to go to war with their favorite targets — Americans!

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